Day One Of Challenge

I orginally said I was going to post on Wed and Sat but decided to post today just to kick off my self challenge. Then I will post outfits on Wed and Sat.
I am doing this because I feel like I am in a rut. I have clothes just need to mix things up. Also I know I have holes and I need to identify them.  Spring and summer are long here so I want to add to my wardrobe but in a deliberate way.
The weather is also all over the place this week with lows of 48 and highs of 90.
Today I have on a dress and lace bomber combination with red shoes. I wear these shoes at least once a week. Need to start looking at a replacement pair.
This week you will see pieces ou have seen before but hopefully in different ways.
Thanks for looking and as always comments are welcome.

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  • replied 9 years ago
    Love the bright shoes with this outfit. I also like how the lace plays off the pattern on the dress.
  • bj1111 replied 9 years ago
    Love the print on that dress!

    matching the shoes to the tools is genius!
  • catgirl replied 9 years ago
    This is so pretty, Debbie!  Good to see you posting outfits. :)
  • texstyle replied 9 years ago
    Great dress on you, very modern print - and love that you added a bright shoe and the lace bomber.
  • Joy replied 9 years ago
    Another fun and inspirational outfit with the lace bomber!  You look great. 
    Below is my outfit today for the challenge except that I've added a longer tank about the color of the jeans under the top.  It felt too short.

  • Jjsloane replied 9 years ago
    ACK where is the challenge? Have I missed it??

    Love both of your looks by the way. That lace bomber and those metallic Borns. 
  • Krista replied 9 years ago
    Debbie, I love this outfit.  The lace bomber with the dress is very on trend and is definitely Spring-y! I love the pop of color with the shoes.  
  • CocoLion replied 9 years ago
    Love the lace bomber on you with this patterned dress!
  • Sara L. replied 9 years ago
    You look great!  I love the bright shoes with the neutral colored dress and jacket.
  • Joy replied 9 years ago
    Ack! Debbie, I didn't intend to post my photos on your thread!  I'm running for class now but will try to get them moved soon.
  • Suz replied 9 years ago
    Love the pattern on that dress, Debbie! It's fun with the bright shoes. 
  • rachylou replied 9 years ago
    I can't believe how much I love this! Three pieces - clean and simple - but each somewhat different stylistically. I find they really complement each other and keep the interest factor high.
  • Sheila replied 9 years ago
    You are one smart've combined 3 elements of your wardrobe into one stylish, cohesive look. I love the dress and would not have thought (all by myself) to combine the lace jacket with it. But I really like it and now am looking at my clothing budget to see if I can copy this look! I already have the red shoes...
  • Debbie replied 9 years ago
    Joy don't worry about it. I love your outfit.
    Jjsloane here is my orginal thread.
    Thank you so much for the comments.

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