Tonights outfit with picture of hubby

Tonight we went to our event and I wore the outfit you helped me choose. This is the only picture I managed to get but thought I would post it.
We had a great time and the outfit worked well.


Help me pick an outfit!

We have an event to attend Friday night at the company my husband retired from. The dress is casual but no jeans. It is a strictly on your feet event. Complete with balancing your plate and drink. I want to look put together and be comfortable. I tripped over the dog last night and one of feet is slightly swollen. So comfortable shoes are a must.

Here are two outfits that I put together this evening. My husband likes one more than the other but before I reveal which one I want your opinions.

I have other options if these don't work.

Outfit 1
B/R pants
Karen Kane top
Michael Kors Bag
Animal Print Shoes

Outfit 2
AT Dress
Strappy Sandals
Besty Johnson Bag

Thanks for looking!


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