White clams 6/29/12

I finally found white clams. I was with my daugther and saw these in Macy's. The air is still not working correctly at the office so I'm dressed for comfort and no clients.
The turquoise shirt is one of Angie's picks.
Hope the items meet with approval.


Angie's MOTG formula

This is what I wore yesterday to the farmers market and taking grandson to Bass Pro for a childresn's activities. I love the dress and but the sandals might be leg shortening

Suggestions appreciated..


Accessories Sentimental Value

I have been thinking about this for a couple of days. Do you ever see accessories that bring out an emotional response for you.
Kate Spade has a collection of things that have Camels on them. My Mom collected camels. She had over 300. I ordered this today because it reminded me of my Mom.
I'm curious has anyone else done this.

I tagged this as inspiration because it was inspirational for me.


Stripes and White

Today I worn my white jeans and new MK striped shirt. I feel like I should go sailing.
This top is extremely comfortable and on at sale at Nordstrom and was an Angie pick.

The second outfit is what a worn to a fundraiser outside in 102 degree heat.
Demin Skirt
Steve Madden sandals
Thank you for looking. Suggestions are appreicated.


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This will not be everyone:s cup of tea

I bought this top in a small boutique at the beach last weekend. I like it with the jeans but not so much with the skirt. My daughter told me that I look like I am dressed for the rodeo. I have not cut the tags and could still return it.
I am thinking about wearing the first outfit to an extremely casual fundraiser for a local animal shelter tomorrow night. Thank you for looking.


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