WIW Thurs, Fri and Sat

I am glad the week is over. Taking daily pictures is hard work. I did learn an few things this week. I am favoring lighter colors right now. The outfit I disliked the most was Thurs and the one I liked the best was Monday"s closely followed by todays. The holes I identified are blouses. You can never have too many. I also want a clutch and will try to remedey that this weekend.

Today we went to the farmers market. Gap sweater, leopard belt, Gap boyfriends, sandals, arm candy and Kate Spade bag.

Yesterday Gap Long and Leans, Micchael Kors shirt, Loft Jacket, booties.

Thurs AT dress, Necklace that a dear friend gave me. Black hose and pumps.

Thanks for putting up with me this week. I think I learned a lot. I just need to get better at remixing. I have great pieces I just need to be more creative.

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WIW April 2 and 3

In keeping with my challenge to myself this is what I wore.
Yesterday white pants. color blocked top with wedge sandals and arm candy.

Today the weather was much cooler and raining. I froze because the weather forecast was about 10 degrees cooler but at least it rained.
I wore a denim shirt, red dotted jeans, brown belt and oxfords with arm candy.

It is suppose to be cool again tomorrow but I plan to be prepared.
Any suggestions are welcomed.

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Day One Of Challenge

I orginally said I was going to post on Wed and Sat but decided to post today just to kick off my self challenge. Then I will post outfits on Wed and Sat.
I am doing this because I feel like I am in a rut. I have clothes just need to mix things up. Also I know I have holes and I need to identify them.  Spring and summer are long here so I want to add to my wardrobe but in a deliberate way.
The weather is also all over the place this week with lows of 48 and highs of 90.
Today I have on a dress and lace bomber combination with red shoes. I wear these shoes at least once a week. Need to start looking at a replacement pair.
This week you will see pieces ou have seen before but hopefully in different ways.
Thanks for looking and as always comments are welcome.


Last day of dress challenge

Black Karen Kane with tights boots and red leather jacket.

I have realy enjoyed this challenge and appreciate Sono starting it and Shannon organizating it.

Thanks for looking.

This dress is probably going to be retired shortly.


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WIW Dress Challenge Day 3 and 4

Yesterday I wore a black dress, grey and black mixed media jacket with black boots and tights.

Today I wore a black and white pencil skirt that Angie recommend with a lace top, tights and pumps.

This is a fun challenge. Thank-you Sono.


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K/R Lace Bomber and WIW today

I ordered the jacket Angie posted last week. The lace is nice and the color is definitely a little different for me but will work great in the spring. What do you think?
The high today was 80 degrees. So I rolled up the boyfriend's and brought out the flats.
I wore a cardigan but I have a red jacket I could have used if I had thought about it.


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New Pieces K/R

I bought the following pieces recently. Tags are on everything so any of it can be returned.
First picture:
Gap Long and Lean Jeans
AT Top
Leopard Belt

Second Picture
Outfit one shown with GAP academy blazer.

Third Picture
Same jeans
Bellatrix shirt probably needs a darker cami under it.

Fourth Picture

Vince Camuto Shirt
Same jeans

I did learn something from this excercise. I need a new pair of pumps non black with no decoration on them and another belt.


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Tonights outfit with picture of hubby

Tonight we went to our event and I wore the outfit you helped me choose. This is the only picture I managed to get but thought I would post it.
We had a great time and the outfit worked well.


Help me pick an outfit!

We have an event to attend Friday night at the company my husband retired from. The dress is casual but no jeans. It is a strictly on your feet event. Complete with balancing your plate and drink. I want to look put together and be comfortable. I tripped over the dog last night and one of feet is slightly swollen. So comfortable shoes are a must.

Here are two outfits that I put together this evening. My husband likes one more than the other but before I reveal which one I want your opinions.

I have other options if these don't work.

Outfit 1
B/R pants
Karen Kane top
Michael Kors Bag
Animal Print Shoes

Outfit 2
AT Dress
Strappy Sandals
Besty Johnson Bag

Thanks for looking!


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Plan for the rest of the week and trying the boyfriend

Tonight I took pictures of the rest of my outfits tonight. I had a dress scheduled for tomorrow but I am going to wear #1 tomorrow because I have to go to the ranch.
Picture 3 is what I wore today.
4 and 5 are tries with the boyfriend jeans. Do they work? I am in unknown territory.

I am a little stagnant in my style right now . i am trying to shake it up a bit. Suggestions welcomed.


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